Momentum Planner - Daily & Weekly Planner to Improve Productivity, Prioritization, & Goal-Setting

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What if a planner helped you reach your goals instead of only marking meeting times? Productive Flourishing’s Momentum Planner does that, giving you all of the essential planner features along with a planning method to get things done.

With the planner’s non-dated 250 pages, you’ll be able to:

  • Prioritize goals and projects with Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily planner pages
  • Break goals and projects into action items
  • Block out time to complete action items
  • Track progress on goals and projects
  • Explore a new method for planning
  • Unleash your most productive self

Besides managing your goals, a purchase of the Momentum Planner gives you free access to the Momentum Planning online training courses. This program will challenge and change the way you think about planning, teaching you prioritize your projects and break them down to doable sizes in a new way so you can actually get them done.

Enroll in the free course, and you’ll not only join ranks with thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives who have discovered their most productive selves but also enjoy other Productive Flourishing resources such as the podcast, blog, and personalized customer support.

Key Product Features

  1. FLEXIBLE PLANNING FOR YOUR BUSY LIFE: Totaling 250 undated pages, our 6-month planner includes Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily pages. Start planning anytime — and never worry about “wasting” pages if you miss a day!
  2. PRECISELY ENGINEERED FOR PORTABILITY: With a durable faux-leather cover, deep back pocket for your notes, and 3 handy ribbon bookmarks, the Momentum Planner will become an essential part of your day. And at a portable 5x8 inches, it travels well & works GREAT without WiFi. ;)
  3. SUPPORTED BY REAL PEOPLE: The Productive Flourishing team has been helping people like you stay productive for 10 years. We can answer all of your questions and keep you on track.
  4. COMES WITH FREE PLANNING E-COURSE: Your planner comes with FREE access to the online Momentum Planning Course, used by tens of thousands of productive go-getters!
  5. SUPPORT A BLACK-, WOMAN-, AND VETERAN-OWNED BUSINESS: Your purchase supports a Black-, woman-, and veteran-owned business. How you spend your money is who you choose to support.

Heads up! We had a tiny misprint in this batch of planners. In our Daily Planner pages, there are two sections labeled “Supporting Tasks.” One of those sections should be labeled “Emergent Tasks.”